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My name is Kyle Wawrzyniak; I was born in Northampton, Massachusetts on the date of August 13th 1996. I began my education through the village of Turners Falls and its facilities, gaining a true love for Graphic Design realized upon a tour of the Franklin County Technical School. Over four years of experience focusing on my field there, I would graduate with my path already directed towards Johnson & Wales University located in Providence, Rhode Island. With graduating from Johnson & Wales University with my bachelors in Graphic Design, I would be directed towards a second education from Ethnos360 Bible Institute in Waukesha, Wisconsin; graduating in 2023 with an associates in Biblical Studies. I now currently reside in Sanford, Florida as a Graphic Design Intern.


Christian in Black Graphic Design Ministry is the combination of both my degrees, where biblical faith meets graphic design. As a brand, Christian in Black Graphic Design Ministry is directed towards serving both the Church and the Missions with delivery of professional design work that serves the assignment of 
Christ given to those who follow Him (Matt. 28:16-20). I serve under this brand to glorify the Will of our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.


Grace and peace from God the The Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ


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Statement of Faith

Christian in Black Graphic Design Ministry is a Christian service that serves as it's own ministry, as such, it is held to Christian Standards and tenets of the faith

Statement of Faith
Personal Testament

Want to know more about me? Where did I come to know Christ? That's available to the public always, so whether at your desk or over a cup of coffee in a cafe somewhere; you can know me

Personal Testament

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Sticker Design - Looks good, it's how I imagined it. Seems nice and wonderful it's no longer just in my head.

Erin Potter Academic Student

Youtube Avatar - Kyle was able to create an excellent logo in good time. If you want your online endeavors to look professional, I'd recommend him for your graphic design needs.

Matthew Howe Youtuber/Videographer

Business Logo - Absolutely love the graphic he made for me and he made the process so simple. I gave him an idea of what I wanted and he improved the idea, and did the rest! 

Kyle Jordan IT Technician