So why a ministry in….Graphic Design?
What even is all this really? Why call it is a ministry? Am I bluffing?

As stated in my bio, I started very early with digital arts, in high-school back in 2010; since then my love for design has gone only further. I found love in everything from branding to vector and illustration, to even architecture. With that in mind, I would go further with design and get a college degree in it, art meets business (marketing) in a perfect dance, and understanding the steps is my life. 

Following my return to the Church back in 2018, it was (eventually) my understanding that everything we do as Christians should be done as service to God; that would mean whatever I do is a ministry, a job done in service of my God (1 Cor. 10:13). My life work is Graphic Design, and so it serves as my ministry in efforts helping (currently) Ethnos360 so that the Missions have a designer, as to help complete the command of Christ (Matt 28:16-20).

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